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Madison Metropolitan School District

About Us

Malcom Shabazz City High School Logo

Malcolm Shabazz City High School is one of six high schools within the Madison Metropolitan School District. Shabazz is a safe, diverse, and interconnected learning community where all students can receive the support they need to develop their strengths, cultivate their talents, and overcome obstacles to achieve their goals. Shabazz has a deep commitment to interconnected learning communities. 

At Shabazz, students graduate with 22 credits and although they graduate from Shabazz, graduates receive a diploma from their zoned home school, either East, Memorial, La Follette or West High School. 

Shabazz students have multiple opportunities to acquire and develop the skills or pillars of what we believe encompass a Shabazz graduate.

Five Pillars of a Shabazz Student
  • Taking Personal  Responsibility

  • Positive Risk Taker

  • Being a Creative and Critical Thinker

  • Being an Effective Communicator

  • Being a Contributing and Positive  Community Member

 Shabazz is located on the north side of Madison and is connected to Sherman Middle School at 1601 North Sherman Avenue. 

Shabazz High School Building