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Madison Metropolitan School District

Admissions: 2021-22 School, Semester One

Hello and Welcome to Malcolm Shabazz City High School

Thank you for your interest in Shabazz! You have come to the right place. We suggest you begin by watching this short video about our school.

Malcolm Shabazz City High School
Preparatoria de la ciudad Malcolm Shabazz

Video Screenshot


Application and Entry Process

Applications are accepted prior to each semester through this simple online application form. Parents/guardians, students, or staff can submit it. For all students who meet the minimum eligibility requirements:

  • An Intake Team staff member will contact the family/student to set up an informational meeting.
  • Unless a student is 18, a parent/guardian must also attend the 30-45 minute meeting.
  • During COVID-19 quarantine, all meetings will be virtual.
  • At the meeting, students will be scheduled to participate in a Shadow Day, in which the applicant spends the day attending classes with a Shabazz student. During COVID-19 quarantine applicants are invited to take a Virtual Tour of Shabazz and visit our Virtual Student Center.
  • Our Intake Team will offer a spot to eligible students based on the completion of all steps of the application process and interest of the student.
  • In the event of limited spots, admissions will be based on a lottery system.

Online Application Form

Eligibility Criteria

All applicants' individual school records will be reviewed to determine if students are eligible for an informational meeting. The following minimum requirements are taken into consideration during the initial evaluation:

  • Demonstrating an ability to meet the behavioral expectations. A pattern of documented conflict or aggression will be reviewed by the admissions committee to determine eligibility on a case by case basis;

  • Demonstrated ability to comprehend grade level text with accommodations if needed. This will be evaluated through test scores, grades, and types of credits earned. May require completion of reading assessment if we do not have enough information to make this determination.
  • On track to graduate on time or with an additional year of work

Admissions Timeline

Application Window Opens -  February 17, 2021

Application Window Closes - Currently Open

Point of Contact Email

Elizabeth Long - School Counselor

Aaron Geiger - School Psychologist

Susan Kaye - Social Worker

For more information see our Admissions FAQ page.

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Scroll through our slideshow to see our Equity Vision, Graduate Profile, schedule, what we do, and where we are located.

What We Do!

Panorama de Shabazz en Español  

Por Que Shabazz