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Madison Metropolitan School District

Admissions FAQ

Who is eligible to apply to Shabazz?

  • All students in grades 9-12 who attend a MMSD high school can apply to Shabazz High School. Students who live outside of the MMSD boundaries can pursue Open Enrollment or pay MMSD tuition. 

When can I apply to Shabazz?

  • We accept new students on a semester basis.
  • Eighth graders can apply in the spring for the following school year.

How do I apply?

What happens at the Informational Meeting?

  • Informational Meetings give students and parents/guardians an opportunity to learn about Shabazz and for us to learn about the students' interests, goals, needs, and expectations. Note: During COVID-19 building closures this meeting will be virtual.

What is a Shadow Day?

  • On a shadow day the applicant spends the day with a student from our Leadership class, attending all classes and experiencing what it is like to be a Shabazz student for a day. Note: During COVID-19 building closures Shadow Days are not allowed, however students/guardians will be able to tour our school virtually.

How will I know if I am accepted?

  • All accepted applicants will be contacted no later than two weeks before the semester begins.

What are a student's options if they are not accepted?

  • We encourage students to strive to meet the minimum requirements at their home school and reapply during the next enrollment window. They may also speak with Shabazz staff to suggest other options.


What is the average enrollment at Shabazz?

  • Enrollment averages between 100-120 students.

Will I be able to participate in my home school graduation ceremony?

  • Yes. We will make sure that students have all the necessary information about their home school graduation. We will also have a Shabazz graduation ceremony. 

Does my diploma say Shabazz High School?

  • Graduates receive a certificate of completion from Shabazz High and will receive a MMSD diploma from their home school.

What are the transportation options? Is it possible to have transportation provided?

  • Shabazz does not have a school bus, however we are conveniently located near several Metro bus stops, and is a ten-minute walk to the North Transfer Point. Students who qualify can receive district issued Metro bus passes as well as free or reduced lunch.

More questions? Contact us at 608-204-2440