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Madison Metropolitan School District

Project Based Learning

At Shabazz we strive to give students opportunities to engage in authentic experiences, challenges, and projects that exist beyond the traditional four walls of the classroom. We value these opportunities as integral to the learning experience, not just an "extra" or "add on" if time allows. 

In many cases, students should expect to be given the opportunity and expectation to interact with community partners through workshops in school and field trips in the community. Students may be expected to "do the doing" as opposed to simply discussing what can or should be done in relation to an academic topic. Students will often be creating actual projects related to topics in class to demonstrate their learning [through a Project Based Learning (PBL) model] as opposed to paper assessments. 

These experiences may include partial to full day experiences and some overnight opportunities depending on the course. Past experiences include: environmental restoration work, recording in a recording studio, cooking workshops, community service opportunities, collaborating with elementary schools, visiting art galleries, attending music and theater performances, and exploring the outdoors through activities such as paddling, hiking, and climbing.

Past & Future Project Based Learning Labs

Cooking With Wildflowers Cookbook

Read the Food and Public Opinion - Fall 2021 Cookbook

2021-22 Semester Two Project Based Learning Labs