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Madison Metropolitan School District

School Policy Guide

Since 1971, Shabazz City High School has provided a safe place for students to grow and change. The Shabazz staff’s strong commitment to creating a community of acceptance by teaching supportive values and modeling positive behaviors and skills provides the foundation for a safe community. In addition, a strong anti-bullying and anti-harassment policy provides clear expectations for students and families, and provides a progressive system of interventions to maintain safety at Shabazz. The following policies support the fundamental values of Shabazz and the district’s goal of creating a positive learning environment for all students. These new policies align with the district’s Behavior Education Plan (BEP) and maintain Shabazz as a unique school that meets the needs of students who, above all else, need a safe and supportive environment.

Note that many items in these guides are specific to teaching and learning within school buildings, and we know that adjustments will need to be made as we go. Please use this as a starting point and connect with your school if you have specific questions about how things will be handled in a virtual setting.

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