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Shabazz provides many innovative opportunities to our students. Your donation can make a world of difference to our students. There are several ways to support Shabazz through donations, estate gifts, or memorials. Visit our Ways to Support Shabazz page.


Stay in the loop! There are many ways for our alumni, friends, and family members to stay informed about all of the wonderful things happening at Malcolm Shabazz City High School. We have a monthly newsletter which is sent monthly, as well as a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram account. You will get notices about events, news, and other information about our school. Submit your name and email address to receive our monthly Shabazz Monthly Newsletter. You can unsubscribe any time.

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We love our volunteers! If you would like to become a Shabazz volunteer you are required to fill out MMSD's Volunteer Application and Volunteer Disclosure Form. Visit the Volunteer Resources website page for all required forms.

All forms should be sent to:

MMSD Partnerships Room 100, 545 West Dayton Street

Madison WI 53703