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Shabazz graduate Amy Degraff-Castro

"The day I first visited Malcolm Shabazz City High School as a prospective student was probably one of the best days of my life…I felt so included and loved by everyone around me, even though I didn’t even go to school there. I got to spend time with people I probably never would have met or thought to hang out with."

- Amy Degraff-Castro, 2016 Shabazz City High School graduate  

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Admissions Policy

We are now accepting applications for Semester 2 of the 2018-19 school year.  The Semester 1 application period ended in August.

New students are accepted at the beginning of each semester and cannot transfer in within the semester. Shabazz has a total enrollment of 135 and accepts 30 to 40 new students each semester.  

As a Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD) high school, Shabazz can enroll students if they are residents of MMSD, accepted to MMSD through open enrollment, or pay MMSD tuition. Students who are not residents of MMSD may start the application process but they must be eligible to enroll in the district before they can begin classes. 

All students should plan on spending at least one year at Shabazz. In order to enroll as a senior, a student must have at least two full quarters of course work to complete before graduating.

Admissions Process

Students interested in attending Shabazz must start the application process at least the quarter before they would like to begin. The deadline to apply is about five weeks before the next semester begins.

The process starts by filling out the Application Form or calling Shabazz and giving basic information. You may leave a message on the intake line at (608) 204-2440; someone will call you back.  All applicant's individual school record will be reviewed to determine if students are eligible to apply to Shabazz. Learn more about the admissions process.

Dual Enrollment

When a student enrolls at Shabazz, the MMSD high school from which they came is called their “home school.”  Shabazz students have dual enrollment at both schools, with Shabazz being primary and the home school being secondary.  Students are eligible to take classes at both schools.  If students leave Shabazz, they would return to the home school, regardless of where they moved within the district while attending Shabazz.

New Student Orientation

A day is set aside the first day of each semester for orientation of new students. During this time, the new students are introduced to school policies, meet teachers, and choose their classes for the quarter. They begin building the sense of community which is essential to Shabazz. New student orientation is a full day, beginning at 8:30 am and ending at 3:15 pm. Lunch is provided by the school and shared by staff and students.


Students who voluntarily left Shabazz in good standing may apply for readmission. Interested students should contact the principal.

Students whose enrollment at Shabazz was revoked may petition the staff to return to Shabazz, regardless of the violation or reason for the loss of placement. Students interested in returning to Shabazz must write a letter of intent which addresses their previous challenges and positive changes. The student will be responsible for providing evidence to support their proposal to return to Shabazz. Evidence needs to be concrete and verifiable and demonstrate positive growth and change. The Shabazz staff has the right to deny all requests to gain re-admittance to Shabazz. 

Shabazz High SchoolApplication Form - Sem. 2, 2018-19 

Shabazz is now accepting applications for Semester 2 of the 2018-19 school year.  Please fill out the application form below.  You will receive an email explaining the process. If your student meets minimum eligibility requirements, a staff person will call you to arrange an interview.  We are no longer accepting applications for Semester 1. 

If your current school is not in the Madison Metropolitan School District, or you are currently home schooled, you will be asked to provide additional information before we can schedule an interview. 

Please call Shabazz at (608) 204-2440 for more information or if you have questions.