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Dear families,

Shabazz City High School has a goal for all of our students to graduate with the skills and abilities to be successful within their college, career, and community. This goal was developed with feedback from our students, teachers and community members. These skills are what we call the Shabazz Core Four (Communication, Creativity, Taking Positive Risks, and Community Leadership).  Families are key partners in helping students to become college, career, and community ready.

As you may know, Shabazz students experienced a number of different supports to help them to develop their Core Four skills this year. These include the first ever Celebration of Learning on February 5th, and Student Led Parent Teacher Conferences February 26th

Throughout the year, your student has been maintaining a journal to hold evidence of their exploration, growth, and next steps. Your student is either maintaining a digital or physical journal (their choice). Additionally, all new students have been supported in exploration of Xello, a post-high school planning tool. You can access your student’s Xello account by following the links at the bottom of this email.

Shabazz City High School students will experience a number of different supports to help them to develop the Core Four skills this year. These experiences include:

Student Led Parent Teacher Conferences

  • Students, families, and teachers will discuss student progress and goals.

  • February 26

Celebrations of Learning

  • School-Wide Celebration of Learning: January 24 and June 5

    • Families are invited! Students will showcase and celebrate projects, art, and presentations.

    • 12:25-3:15

  • Individual Celebrations of Learning: May 23

    • Families are invited! Every student attends their scheduled forty-five minute meeting, during which they will present their growth and key accomplishments to their parent, guardian, and advisor.

Advisories Days

  • The purpose of advisory is to get to know students individually and in groups; to help students use journaling and discussion to grow and reflect on their growth and change in Shabazz’s Core Four; and to support students in scheduling. There are a number of individual and group advisory meetings throughout the year. Your student’s advisor shows up as their homeroom teacher in their schedule.

Field Trips, College Visits, and Guest Speakers

Colleges visit throughout the year and there are a number of field trips and guest speakers that will help support students. Keep an eye on our Facebook group ( for more information about these opportunities.

How can I support my students’ college, career, and community readiness?


1.  Check out the Facebook group ( for more information about field trips, guest speakers, jobs, internships, volunteer opportunities and college visits. 

2. Help my student use Xello to conduct post-high school and career research
Resources: Xello tutorial

3.  Use College Board Family Checklists to support planning

Middle School Family Checklist

9th grade Family Checklist

10th grade Family Checklist

11th grade Family Checklist

12th grade Family Checklist

Thanks so much for your support in helping your students to reach their goals! Please do not hesitate to reach out to Sarah Drake at