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graduation cap and diploma

When is graduation?

The class of 2020 graduation is on Tuesday, June 9, 2020.

What time does it start and how long does it last?

Graduation begins at 6:00 pm and usually ends around 9:00 pm

Where does graduation take place?

Graduation takes place in the wood gym of Sherman Middle School. Attendees can enter through the Shabazz front doors.

Do students wear caps and gowns?

Shabazz students do not wear gowns, however they do wear caps with rainbow tassels. 

Where should students report when they arrive?

All graduates who are walking in the ceremony should check in at the front table no later than 5:30 pm. Grads will need this extra time to pick up their caps, pose for a class photo, and line up for the ceremony. 

Do families/friends need tickets to attend graduation?

No tickets are needed. Families and friends are invited. 

Should we bring anything?

 The gym can get quite warm. Water on ice will be provided, but you may want to skip the plastic and bring your own thermos.

Is there handicapped parking and seating available?

There are three handicapped parking spots in our upper parking lot. There are also handicapped spots in the Sherman Middle School parking lot behind Shabazz at 1610 Ruskin Street. 

May we reserve a seat?

In fairness to all, seats are on a first come-first serve basis. If you require special accommodations, please call the main office no later than June 8.

What honors and/or awards are presented at graduation?

 In the past the Rotary Club of Madison has presented their Youth Leadership Awards at our graduation. Shabazz also awards a number of scholarships to several students. Every year varies. 

Will there be a group photo available?

A group photo will be taken ten minutes before the ceremony. If a student arrives late, they will not be in the photo. You can provide your email address on the sign in sheet at graduation if you want the photo to be emailed to you.

Is the graduation videoed? If so, where can I see it?

Yes, the ceremony is videotaped and will be available for viewing on YouTube.

Can my student participate in their home school graduation?

Yes. Those students who wish to participate in their home school's graduation ceremony can find information here.

Who do I ask if I have other questions?

You can call the Main Office at 608-204-2446 or email Hannah Shafer at