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plant dane 2019rain gardenShabazz is hoping to expand their native plant rain gardens. Over the last two years Shabazz has changed 300 square feet of lawn to native plants for use as rain gardens and insect habitat. Some of the plants we have grown are Fox Sedge, Bonneset, Butterflyweed, and Anise Hyssop. 

During the spring rains our gardens slowed the rush of roof water to help it infiltrate and recharge our aquifers. Also, last summer some insects using the garden were Monarch Butterflies and Goldenrod Soldier Beetle. The more plant varieties we are able to get the more insects and birds we will be able to support.

We'd like to invite you to donate more plants to our efforts this spring through the Plant Dane Native Plant Program. It’s easy, just visit, select Shabazz Rain Garden, and select the number of plants you’d like to donate. Plants cost $2.25/each and must be ordered in multiples of 4. Thanks for helping to make expanding our garden a reality!