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Dear Parents and Guardians of Shabazz Students, 


If you are a parent of a Shabazz student and either you or your child is a person of color,  would you be willing to talk to a member of our Increasing Diversity Task Team about your family’s experience with Shabazz? Our team is addressing the lack of racial diversity at Shabazz. Compared to MMSD population, Malcolm Shabazz City high school has lower percentages of students of color. This data is troubling and unacceptable. And it is the reason we are reaching out to parents today.  

To achieve more diversity at our school, we believe we must listen to the people who can provide the most valuable information:  Shabazz families and students of color. We want to know about your experiences as parents/guardians and about the experiences of your students.

We are sincere in our desire to listen with open minds and open hearts and face our shortcomings. We will manage any of our own internal reactions so that you will not be burdened by them. We recognize that confidentiality is key to obtaining accurate and honest feedback so please know that if you choose to participate, only task team members will know your identity. When we share with the staff, responses will be anonymous.  

Please click this link to fill out a quick survey to let us know you are interested and how best to contact you. A staff member will contact you about scheduling a one-on-one conversation at your earliest convenience. You can also simply call our main office and someone can get that contact information from you over the phone (608) 204-2440.

Thank you for your consideration,

The Increasing Diversity Task Team

Colleen Kellogg

Aaron Kaio

Susan Kaye

Gaia Braman-Wanek

Amy Bajkiewicz

Julie Evert