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Art as Creative Expression

These students, with the help of Edgewood College art students, plan, develop, and teach art projects to 30 Sherman Middle School students and two elderly, recently deinstitutionalized, cognitively-delayed adults through Elder Care.

Art: His, Her, Our Story

Students explore the field of art appreciation and then act as “assistant docents” at the Madison Art Center. They teach several classrooms of students about an artist they have researched and show examples of their work which are on exhibit.

Art Workshop

Design and create community art such as an AIDS Network tile mosaic.

Barrio Project

Students study Mayan Culture utilizing resources provided by the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The students then create a walk-through “Mayan Codex” to teach Mayan thought, cosmology, calendar, weaving, lexograph, and dress to more than 4500 visitors to the Children’s Museum.

Commercial Art

Teaches students how to layout and design flyers, posters, letterhead, CD covers, public signs, and how to work using computer software. Using fundamental principles of design, they learn to appreciate type and graphics as well as an art form that inspires and communicates human thought.

Environmental Art

These students, in collaboration with the Department of Natural Resources, design brochures and worksheets about asthma for children. These materials also will be translated into Spanish and distributed to thousands of families in the Milwaukee area.