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Mark: Interviewed by Delijah, Ferg and Aaron

Paul and Margaret: Interviewed by Piper

Connie and Michael: Interviewed by Nastassja and Mia

Jane and Ken: Interviewed by Callie

Bob Judy: Interviewed by Iona and Corey

Sue and Augie: Interviewed by Justin

20191024-dsc_6768-edit.pngIn the fall of 2019, a group of shy/curious/anxious/hopeful teenagers entered the Madison Senior Center. They were there to hear the stories of a select group of elders at the center. They had been tasked with the mission to capture and preserve the stories of these elders with dignity and respect.

Over the quarter, students designed questions and themes for each of the interviews, which took place over four meetings. Students then made choices about the best way to tell the stories. Here are each student/s interpretation of those stories.

From the Madison Senior Center:

Madison Senior Center recently had the pleasure of working with Shabazz High School students on an Oral History Project. Coordinated by their teacher, Aaron Kaio, in conjunction with the Madison Senior Center’s Intergenerational Program, students working in small groups or 1:1 with an Older Adult gathered information about the older adult’s life.

Michelle Wimmer PhotographyThe joy of this program was in how unique to each participant their experience was. It was indeed heartfelt, no matter what direction the conversations roamed. Integrating generations truly is enriching for all.