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rotary awardsSeven Shabazz students were among the 49 MMSD students who received Rotary certificates and cash awards recognizing their scholastic achievements and contributions to the Madison community. The students were honored at a noon luncheon at the Park Hotel on Wednesday, May 9.

Awards for Shabazz students were as follows:

Lucas Spencer: Community Service Award Judge

Marcos Gonzales: Wilson Sophomore Academic Improvement Awards for outstanding improvement in academic progress while in high school.

Samantha Wallace: Junior Academic Improvement Awards for significant academic improvement while in high school

Jake Wiest: Senior Academic Improvement Awards for academic progress while in high school

Toby Louther: The Rotary Senior Academic Achievement Awards for top scholarship

Dana Nelson: Outstanding Senior Awards for academic achievement, leadership and community service

Katie Fernandez: Participation costs to attend the Rotary Youth Leadership Conference

Congratulations to each of these students, and we wish them well in all their future endeavors!

A link to all recipients can be found in the May 11 Madison WI Rotary News.