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At Shabazz, we understand a large traditional high school experience is not for everyone. We offer small class sizes and an engaging and authentic learning experience. 

  • Shabazz is a choice alternative school. All of its students choose to attend Shabazz--no one is forced to go to Shabazz. 
  • According to the Gallup Student Poll, Shabazz is one of the most engaging and safest schools in the country.
  • In the past five years, we have had two students who were National Merit Finalists.
  • In the past few years, Shabazz graduates went on to attend highly competitive schools like Northwestern University, Sarah Lawrence College, Hampshire College, Luther College, Lawrence University, and the College of the Atlantic. 

Project Green Teen

Project Green Teen (PGT) is an environmental service learning class that addresses authentic environmental needs in the community. Students work with 15 environmental partner agencies and many volunteers. Many projects are completed locally benefiting Dane County and a  one week trip to Southwestern WI allows the to experience the driftless area and cold water resource management. Learn more about Project Green Teen.

Authentic Intellectual Work

The staff at Shabazz is committed to creating learning activities that ask students to think, develop in-depth understanding, and apply their academic learning to important, realistic problems or situations.  We call these authentic intellectual activities.  At Shabazz, we use experiential learning, service-learning, and authentic classroom activities as a platform for our intellectual work. Learn more about Authentic Intellectual Work.

Service and Experiential Learning

Service-learning classes reinforce Madison Metropolitan School District's Strategic Framework in three ways:

STUDENT LEARNING is enhanced because learning takes on a relevance and importance, in the process of providing a service to others. Service-learning also includes a wide variety of teaching and learning styles, and promotes critical thinking and reflection.

STUDENT ENGAGEMENT is increased because all students can participate. In contrast to programs designed for students with specific talents or interests, service-learning classes are for all students. As Martin Luther King said: "Everybody can be great, because everybody can serve."

STUDENT RELATIONSHIPS improve as students and staff come together to design and implement a service project to improve their community. In this way service-learning models the compassion and active citizenship that are critical for a humane and vibrant democracy.

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