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student_services.jpgAre you or your student worried about your student’s grades, health, problems with a teacher or family member, conflicts with peers, a friend’s alcohol or drug use, gender or sexual identity, safety, stress in their life, or post high school plans?  If so, a Student Services staff member can help or refer your student to someone who can!

School Social Workers provide:

  • Assistance when a crisis occurs at school or home

  • Conflict resolution

  • Help if someone is in an abusive situation or violent relationship

  • Individual and group counseling to help students solve problems

  • Assistance with attendance and alternative school programs

  • Help to remain in school and graduate

  • Assistance finding community services

  • Assistance to caregivers on school and teen issues

School Counselors provide:

  • Academic support (e.g., individual academic planning and goal setting, alternative school program information and referral)

  • Post high school planning and support (e.g., individual, group, and family presentations and consultation, career exploration and planning, employability skills and job information, information about scholarships and financial aid)

  • Social/emotional support (e.g., individual and group counseling, assistance when a crisis occurs at school or home, problem-solving, assistance with conflict resolution in the school setting, referrals to appropriate agencies)

School Psychologists provide:

  • Individual and group counseling to help students solve problems

  • Assistance and information about mental health issues

  • Assistance when a crisis occurs at school or home

  • Help for behavior or discipline problems

  • Help with concerns about grades or any other classroom issues

  • Information about educational programs, such as Special Education and alternative school programs

  • Testing, as part of school evaluations for learning or social-emotional-behavioral issues

  • Assistance and information so that students can get help outside of school, such as making an appointment with a mental health care provider

School Nurses provide:

  • Assistance to get medical, dental, or mental health care

  • Care for sick or injured students

  • Help with chronic illness management

  • Administration of medication, if needed during the school day

  • Screening for hearing and vision problems and assistance in obtaining glasses

  • Assistance to get sports physicals

  • Screening and referral for alcohol and other drug concerns

  • Assistance to pregnant and parenting teens

Student Services Contact Information

Most of the time, conversations with Student Services staff members are confidential; there are some exceptions if the situation involves risk of harm to the student or someone else.

susankaye_2.jpgSusan Kaye
School Social Worker

(608) 204-2470

M, T, W, Th, and F (8 am-4 pm)

katy_for_staff_page.jpgKaty Ainslie-Wallace
School Counselor

(608) 204-2450

M (8-10 am), T (8 am-4 pm), Th (8 am-4 pm), and F (8-10 am)

Melanie Salgado PsychologistMelanie Salgado
Bilingual School Psychologist (English-Spanish)

(608) 204-2599

W and F (8 am-4 pm)

erin_1.jpgErin MacMillan
School Nurse

(608) 204-2109

Off on Tuesdays and every second Monday of the month

Michelle Leh RamekerMichelle Leh Rameker
School Nurse

(608) 204-2109

Tuesdays only