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In solidarity with MMSD Interim Superintendent Jane Belmore’s letter to the District , the Shabazz Staff offers our commitment to being co-conspirators with people of color. We will continue our work as anti-racist educators to examine our part in the racism of the educational system so that we can change it. We support communities of color who continue to face discrimination, violence, and terrorism in local communities across the United States and here in Madison. We condemn the actions of the racist white individuals involved in these incidents and cheer the recent charges brought against the murderer of George Floyd. We share in our community’s justified anger that this is not a singular occurrence rather a centuries-long system of institutional racism in our country. 

We would like to offer some resources to get informed, stay informed and take action to expose and dismantle our country's racist institutions. Several of these resources seek to amplify and support local black leadership. While we don’t pretend to have all of the answers, we will continue bringing the Shabazz community together to work toward and support anti-racist solutions.

Active, local anti-racism groups: Urban Triage , Freedom Inc. , and PSLmadison article: 75 Things White People Can Do for Racial Justice

Nehemiah and Justified Anger’s message: Nehemiah Center for Urban Leadership Response

Black Lives Matter:

Healthy communication about race:

CapTimes article: Townhall on George Floyd death brings together back leaders, police chiefs

Madison 365 website:

Democracy Now! article: From George Floyd to Chris Cooper: Ibram X Kendi on “Racist Terror” Facing Black People in America

NBC15 article: Dane Co community leaders, police discuss death of George Floyd

Time article: George Floyd’s Death and the Long History of Racism in Minneapolis

100 race-conscious things to say to your child to advance racial justice: