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Reviewing Your High School Transcript

You can access your transcript at any time through your Infinite Campus (Reports) account. We strongly encourage you to review your transcript after each semester to ensure that it is an accurate record of your academic experience.

The “Credit Summary” section of your transcript shows you the total number of credits you have earned thus far, within each content area.

credit summary example

The courses that you have taken will be listed by grade. For each class, the course title, grade and amount of credit earned will be listed.

grade term example

The “Standard Tests” section will show whether you have met the Wisconsin Civics Exam Graduation Requirement.

standard tests example

Graduation Requirements:

- 22 Total Credits Needed for Graduation (unless you are a transfer student or have previously attended LaFollette High School)

(For more information regarding graduation requirements see ​

Graduation Requirements. These 22 credits must include:

  • English - 4 credits

  • Math - 3 credits

  • Science - 3 credits

  • Social Studies - 3 credits

  • Physical Education - 1.5 credits

  • Health - 0.5 Credits

  • The final 7 credits are student choice. They may be Elective credit or any other type of credit.