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Madison Metropolitan School District


2022 Graduation Information

Monona Terrace
1 John Nolen Dr
Madison, WI 53703

Tuesday, June 7, 2022
4:00PM: Arrival
4:30-5:30PM: Ceremony
5:30PM: Cupcakes and photo opportunities on the Monona Terrace Rooftop

Each graduate can bring up to 10 guests. If you have special circumstances and would like to request more seats, please email Hannah at

Shabazz Senior graduating school

What Makes Shabazz Graduation Unique?

As opposed to the required gowns in traditional high school ceremonies, Shabazz graduates may wear whatever they would like. They also choose their own cap colors -- graduates will look like a field of wildflowers, our mascot! Graduates also receive a multi-colored 2022 tassel.

Graduates: please fill out this survey to choose your cap color!

After being introduced by a staff member, every graduate has the option to speak when they receive their diploma on stage. Please keep your remarks to about one minute in length. One minute doesn't sound like a lot, but if you practice, you'll realize you can get a lot said in that amount of time.

Chromebook Return

Please return your MMSD Chromebook to Hannah in the main office. You can do this at any time during school hours on any of the remaining school days.

If you would like your official transcript sent to post-secondary institutions, click here for the details on how to do so via an online service called Parchment. Clicking this link takes you directly to a site to create your Parchment account: Shabazz City High School.

Shabazz Senior giving a graduation speach

Can You Attend Your "Zone School" Graduation?

Yes! All Shabazz students have a partial enrollment at one of the four comprehensive high schools (East, La Follette, Memorial, or West). You are welcome to attend their graduation ceremony as well. Please reach out to your zone school for details on their celebrations.