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Shabazz is a safe, engaging, and authentic learning community

Safe - 98% of students agree or strongly agree that they feel safe at Shabazz

Engaging - Shabazz scored in the top 25% in the country on engagement scores on the Gallup Student Survey -According to Gallup, high student engagement is correlated with high performing schools

Authentic - 97% of students believe they have the opportunity to do what they do the best everyday and 95% of students believe Shabazz is committed to building their strengths

At Shabazz, we believe that the learning environment matters.  Students will not engage in an environment where they are not respected for who they are and what they think.  At Shabazz, we place a high value on the thoughts and ideas of our students.  Our staff is committed to student-centered inquiry-based instruction and communication.  We want to hear our student’s ideas and we challenge them to ask quality questions, to look at the evidence, and to make interpretations based on the evidence. Students will not engage in their learning if they do not feel safe.  We have a strong anti-harassment culture and a policy that supports this belief.  If your student has their own ideas, and they do not feel like they are heard or are accepted and supported in a traditional setting, Shabazz might be right place for them.

At Shabazz, we believe in authentic assessment.  Students can get bored when they are asked to do tasks and assessments that are not relevant or meaningful.  You will not see many multiple choice tests at Shabazz.  You will see projects that ask students to engage in their community, to challenge their ideas, and to communicate what they think to the school and to the community.  If your student feels like school is irrelevant, Shabazz might be the right place for them.    

At Shabazz, we believe in providing everyone an opportunity for leadership.  Students at Shabazz have the opportunity to act as Teaching Assistants in our classrooms.  Every year, a couple of students teach their own class or work with teachers to create a new class.  Our students are actively engaged in the process of making Shabazz a better school.  Our leadership class students design a community building activity every quarter for new students and make them breakfast.  If your student's leadership skills are undervalued or underutilized, Shabazz might be the right place for them.    

At Shabazz, we believe learning is a process.  Students at Shabazz are accepted for who they are and where they are currently at with their academic skills.  We have high expectations for our students to work hard and to challenge themselves to learn and grow, and, at the same time, we understand that learning takes time along with effort.  We work hard to create the type of environment where students feel safe enough to take the risks required to learn.  If your student feels overwhelmed by a more traditional educational approach, Shabazz might be the right place for them.